Camping Skills to teach your kids by Age 10

Our most major concern in today’s high-tech world as camping parents is to pass along our love of out-of-doors to our kids when they reach a certain age. When it comes to teaching camping skills to children, age appropriate version is important. Most of the kids naturally develop desires for camping at the age of ten so this isn’t a difficult task. The following are most of the camping skills that will keep your kids coming back for more.

Tying knots

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Knot tying is a skill but it can also be as much as an art. It requires much patience and focus which can mostly be tricky for kids with little attention and wandering minds. It is important to show them the way they can practically use each knot you teach them.

Building a shelter

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When your kids reach a certain age you should let them know that a shelter is the first thing to consider during camping. Even if you don’t need a shelter for survival, it’s a pretty cool thing to do and its lot of fun to build it together with your kids.

Identifying birds and animals

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When your kids reach a certain age, it’s important to let them be aware of their surroundings. Teaching them about the birds and animals tracks is another way of keeping your kids entertained during camping.

Collecting wood

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Depending on the age of your camping kids, you might not want them to be playing with lighter fluids and matches just yet. This doesn’t mean they can’t give a hand in making campfire. If your kids are older you can assist them in cutting small brunches with a saw.

Teaching your kids camping skills will not only get lots of time with your kids in outdoors, but you will be raising nature conservationists and a well rounded outdoor enthusiasts

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